Gareth Williams | Post-doctoral Researcher |

Short Bio: Gareth is a post-doctoral researcher in Dr. Sandin’s lab. He is carrying out comparative analyses of natural and human influences on coral reef community structure, diversity and resilience. Fundamental questions pertaining to coral reef ecology will be addressed, such as 1) how do global climatic stressors and local anthropogenic stressors affect coral bleaching patterns on reefs?, 2) how does the absence of direct human impacts affect coral reef resilience to stressors such as bleaching and disease?, 3) what are ‘natural’ spatial patterns of coral and reef fish communities on reefs? Gareth’s PhD work focused on coral disease ecology at Palmyra Atoll in the Northern Line Islands. More broadly, he has been involved in modeling the distribution of coral diseases throughout the Indo-Pacific and how this relates to climatic stressors and human population size. Originally from the UK, Gareth spent his BSc years working on starfish behaviour in the Irish Sea and his MSc years on temperate reef fish ecology in northeastern New Zealand. He is an avid diver and has visited numerous reefs throughout the Indo-Pacific Ocean over the last 10 years.

Research Interests:

  • Biophysical and anthropogenic influences on coral reef communities
  • Coral reef resilience
  • Coral health ecology
  • Statistical ecology

I have a broad interest in coral reef ecology, from the corals themselves to the small reef fish, sharks and other invertebrates that depend on the reef structure for survival. Ultimately, I am interested in how all these components interact with each other and how anthropogenic and climatic stressors have disrupted these interactions across our tropical oceans.


Online: Personal Webpage | Palmyra Atoll Coral ID Guide



 That Top-of-the-Food-Chain Feeling



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